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Location:  Mallaig, AB

Follow Highway 28 and Watch for Signs


Camping Available on Site - No Camping Fee

No Hook-ups

No Open Fires
No Pets Allowed on Grounds


Gates Open Thursday Afternoon to the General Public


All We Ask is for Your Support to A Worthy Cause......

Thank You

About Mallaig

Mallaig is a small Alberta settlement of 195 people. It is located approximately 200km northeast of Edmonton. Its primary industry is agriculture.


The town was one of the many villages that spawned due to the construction of the railroad in Western Canada during the early 1900s. In 1928, the town was officially founded. The name was inspired by one of the Scottish workers. The many swamps and low lying areas in the area reminded him of his home town Mallaig, Scotland.

As the 20th century progressed, the railway was removed and has been replaced by the Iron Horse Trail, which is a long, recreational trail intended for all-terrain vehicles. The town today is quite small, containing minimal services, a landfill, and a kindergarten to grade 12 school with approximately 300 students enrolled from the area surrounding the settlement.

The Hamlet of Mallaig is a busy place in winter with a very sport minded Community. The Mallaig Sport Agriculture Centre along with the Mallaig Unity Centre & Curling Rink is buzzing with fans and athletes of all ages.

In the Summer there’s baseball, 4-H, and the biggest event in our County. Haying in the 30’s is held every long weekend of August. It is growing every year with approximately 6,500 people enjoying the different farming techniques back in the 30’s -camaraderie, camping, food, entertainment and they also donate to a GREAT cause. It is the biggest fund raiser in the area.

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