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At the age of 69, founder of Haying in the 30’s Cancer Support Society.  Born and raised in Mallaig and farmed all his life.  Loves agriculture and  history.  

In 1987, when his own family was dealing with cancer, he received help from the community and this is his way of giving back to the community and to people that gave him support when his family was in need.

Edgar Corbiere

Past President  (1999-2009)Founder  (Honorary Director)

Lorne has been a member of Haying in the 30's for 11 years. It all started with bringing alpacas for the zoo, walking them around so people could pet and enjoy them. He soon realized the good work the organization was doing and wanted to do more. He began looking after parking 8 years ago and has held the job of president for the past four years. 

Having really enjoyed his time in the president’s chair, Lorne feels an organization becomes stronger when others have an opportunity to lead, and as he hands over the reigns of president, says he is looking forward to his continued involvement with the organization in the years to come.


"I feel that being involved with Haying in the 30's as much as I have has made me a stronger person and I feel a sense of accomplishment".

Lorne Buryn

Past President  (2013-2016)

Norm has been a member since the start in 1999. He has given his time as Committee Chairperson for Parking, Teamster and Building and was Vice President for two years (2008-2009).


He enjoys restoring old buildings and the country way of life.  Personal Thought:  "I enjoy donating my time and efforts to this worthwhile organization, words cannot explain the feeling you get when you are able to help someone in need. Their appreciation is thanks enough".

Norm Theroux

Past President  (2010-2012)

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