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(for liability concerns)

(Haying in the 30's bylaw #6a & 6j)

  • It is mandatory that all teamsters have their own insurance.

  • It is also mandatory that all teamsters attend Friday night's meeting.

    • At this time you will be informed of where and what trails/fields you will have access to.​

  • After the event starts (following the parade) teams must remain on assigned areas, road, designated trails, and or fields where fieldwork is being done.​

    • We need to be accountable for the safety of spectators and volunteers in the camping area. No teams shall be in and among these areas. ​

  • No dogs on the grounds.​

    • As per the posted signs, we will set the example and NO teamsters will be permitted to have dogs with them on the grounds. ​

    • No dogs, is no dogs. Dogs must be tied up in your camp.

  • We have security with assigned riders. These are the only saddle horses permitted on the grounds (after the parade).​

    • Again this is part of the safety, planning and organizing of the event. ​

  • Teams that are allowed to go through crowds must have a minimum 4 men spotting them on foot. ​

  • ​In case of dispute the Board of Directors have final say.
    • If you fail to comply with the above requirements, you will not be allowed to participate in Haying in the 30's. ​

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