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We welcome your testimonial whether you are a recipient of assistance or have a story to share about attending our event.

Thank you for sharing your stories...

Words don't seem to be enough to express my thanks for the cheque I received last fall.  A person doesn't realize how costly those trips to Edmonton for treatment are until you start going every 3 weeks.  Anyhow, now that I'm feeling better it's my turn to give back and to say thanks again.  It was greatly appreciated and I can't say enough what a great thing you are doing.

Angie Schaub

My husband and I retired early to see the continent traveling around in our RV and living within our means for 2.5 years. This last year has been extremely difficult for us since my diagnoses of Lymphoma in September 2016.  We live in rural Alberta 1.5 hours away from the nearest Cancer Center. Travel to and from medical tests, oncologist visits and chemotherapy became not only very time consuming but also very expense. We tried to keep our accommodation expenses low by utilizing our RV and staying over night in parking lots near the Cancer Center.  That was not the most comfortable way of staying in town especially when you receive chemotherapy with all of the fatigue and nausea that follows.  Receiving financial support from Haying in the 30's Cancer Support Society was a huge burden off our shoulders. It came in very handy not only for transportation and meal costs, but being able to stay in Cancer discounted hotels when receiving chemotherapy.
Thank you so much for your generosity and support.

Pat Lafleur

Hi Hayers!!!
I just wanted to send a big thanks from several women in my metastatic breast cancer support group in Calgary.  I found out about Haying in the 30's last year from a couple who have been long time supporters. I sent in my application to assist with additional treatment I am having that is not covered and received a generous payment from your cause. Thanks!!!  I passed on the information to my support group as we all have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Several women have received cheques from Haying in the 30's to help with their ongoing treatments.  Most people don't know that once you are diagnosed with a metastasis, that there is no cure. The original cancer spreads to another part of the body (bone, brain, lung and liver are the most common with breast cancer), however it is "still" breast cancer even though it has taken up residence in another part of the body.  Treatment is getting better and we can live with it longer. In fact, one of my Doctors said that I may die of old age before I die from cancer...let's hope!!!  I hope to come out to share in your event sometime. It won't be this year, but my Mother from Edmonton is planning to make the trip there this year.  Thanks for your support from the Metastatic Support Groups in Calgary!!

Your dedication and commitment to this worthy cause is so very much appreciated!!!

Janice Chase

In the summer of 2016 my husband Gary was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. After dozens of trips to attend medical appointments in Edmonton and Calgary for lab work, scans and treatments, and the death of one transmission in our truck to get there, things were getting very desperate in desperate times. Our name was submitted to Haying in the 30's and you cannot imagine how elated we were when your much needed support came in the mail and relieved us of so much stress. We thank you and all involved from the bottom of our hearts for your gift of love and support.

God bless you all,

Gary and Stella White

I want to thank Haying in the 30's for their financial support during my treatment for brain cancer. I am truly grateful, it helped ease some of the financial burden.

Thank You!

Lillian Pretty

I was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer in August 2016 and had to stop work as treatment started immediately. I started with 6 rounds of chemo then a mastectomy followed by 20 treatments of radiation. My treatment length was 8 months and I did not have any benefits from work. Living 1 hour outside of Edmonton made for many costly trips to the Cross Cancer and the financial stress became overwhelming. I was referred to the Haying in the 30's Cancer Support Society by a family friend and I was ecstatic when I received a cheque in the mail from the society. I can't thank the society enough for helping me focus on my recovery rather than the financial stress. I am now cancer free and loving life again!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Serena Martynek

It's all about breathing room. Over the last decades, my wife and I have done everything correctly. We live within our means, we manage debt well and we even had a recommended nest egg to cover expenses in the event of an emergency. Nothing can prepare you for the impact of a sudden cancer diagnosis. It was sudden and aggressive for me. I went from a healthy, contributing and active 50 year old to a bed ridden hospital patient in the matter of a month. Work ended for me immediately and I anticipate, with luck, a return to work 18 months after I last left.
Assistance from Haying in the 30's covered some of my travel expenses and the parking bill, which added up to nearly $800 to date. That seems incredible, but that is a real number. Most of all, it allows me to relax a bit knowing that there is a little left in the bank to ensure the bills get paid. I have received so much help over the past year - medical, spiritual, and now financial. I look forward to a time that I am well so that I may find ways to contribute back to the system that has given me and my family so much.

The Spencer Family 

In August of 2016 l awoke to swollen feet and legs. My doctor said l had severe kidney failure and l was a hair away from dialysis. After some tests it showed that my kidneys were just fine and stents were placed in them to help them time to investigate why my kidneys weren't working. Turns out l had cervical cancer and it was pressing on my kidneys. Just before Halloween l started chemo and was a trying time...seemed like every few days there was a new side effect and something you had to buy for relief. Transportation became a problem, because the bus doesn't take you right to the cancer center. You had to become creative with how you paid for things you never thought you would need. Thankfully Haying in the 30's stepped in and made things a lot easier. l finished my treatment in the middle of January and my 2 month check up showed a little cancer still more tests now and options of surgery or more chemo...but at least there are options...l still have a little money left thanks to Haying in the 30's....l am truly appreciative of your support and bless you all.

Bev Stahn 

Rene and Rosalie Durocher have been strong supporters of Haying in the 30's ever since Edgar and Cecile organized the first event. Rene and Rosalie would organize their summer activities around Haying in the 30's, even when it meant working around a grandchild's wedding. I'm sure they hoped never to be the recipients of support. As faith would have it, Rosalie was diagnosed with breast cancer in July of 2016 and underwent treatment right until October 25th. This required many trips to Edmonton where she received only the best of care. We would like to recognize and thank the society and the community of Mallaig for all the monetary and spiritual support they provided, throughout mom's treatment and recovery. Rene and Rosalie and Family will continue to support this wonderful society, so that others in need may receive the help they need , like Rosalie did.

God Bless,

The Durocher Family

I was diagnosed with cancer in the right kidney in September of 2016. I was sent to Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton to confirm. I spent 9 days in that hospital where I was set up with a urologist who I saw on October 8th. At that point they booked me for the operation to remove my kidney on December 14th, 2016. Haying In the 30's Cancer Support Society came in and helped to cover the cost of hotels, food, medicine, and transportation. Because of the organization I was able to clear up some of the back-debt and still now have enough to be able to pay for transportation to my follow-up appointment with my urologist. Thank you for all the help you have given me and my family. Your generosity will not be forgotten by any of us. When all debts and appointments have settled we will be sending a small donation to show our thanks for all you have done!

Carole Leeson

I am writing to express my thanks for the financial assistance you have sent to me. I first had stage 4 oral cancer in 2005 and was unable to work - I was 54 yrs old. The cancer came back in the spring of 2016, so more surgery and it is harder this time as I also turned 65 on November 4th so my disability is discontinued and I am having a hard time applying for my pension as I have a hard time being understood. I had extensive surgery in my mouth and my tongue so I can't be understood. This is why I am so grateful for your help, it will pay my rent and I hope I can get my pension started. Thank you very much for the cheque as it gives me some relief both financially and mentally as I worry about my living every day.

With all my thanks,

Gary Tassey

I was told I had non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in April 2014 and the doctors decided to take a wait and see approach. This spring (2016) I started showing symptoms that the lymphoma was becoming active. On Sept 22nd I had a ct scan that showed the lymph nodes in my pelvic area had grown to a mass of 25 cm going from my left kidney to my right groin. I had further tests and I started my chemotherapy treatments on October 6. I have to travel 2 hours 1 way (if the roads are good) and stay 2 nights in a hotel because my treatment starts at 8am and ends between 4 and 6 pm and I can't drive after the treatment because of the meds. With the help from Haying in the 30's I will be able to focus on my health instead of the financial burden of paying for hotel bills every 3 weeks.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Rhonda Gibson

It is with sincere admiration and compassion that I write this note. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous contribution during a trying time in my road to recovery from breast cancer. We have supported your annual event many times, not even thinking we would have to be one of those receiving assistance for this journey to recovery. When I found out that I would have to have treatments five days a week I could not imagine driving every day to the city, I would have been totally exhausted. I chose to stay at Compassion House during my treatments. This place is truly a godsend for those who are undergoing treatment, it is a home away from home with a very supportive staff, secure and a tremendous support of other individuals going through the same journey. This could not have been possible without the support of Haying in The 30's. Thank you once again, my continued support to this very worthy organization will continue and I will be a strong advocate for you.
With Sincere Blessings,

Audrey and Stan Andrashewski and Family

My story began in late 2015, where a routine dental checkup revealed a cancerous growth in my lower jaw. Subsequent visits to an ear, nose & throat (ENT) specialist decided that surgery was required. My complete lower jaw was reconstructed using a piece of bone from my lower leg. Post surgery treatments required six weeks of radiation sessions. These treatments had an adverse affect and a second surgery was required. Some six to eight follow up surgeries ensued. I underwent HBO (hyperbaric oxygen) treatments requiring another two weeks in Edmonton. As I (we) live in the Bonnyville area, transportation and living expenses were overwhelming. I am now waiting for  complete upper and lower prosthesis (teeth implants) with additional follow-up visits to Edmonton.
On the plus side, I am cancer free!!

Glen Paul, Cancer Survivor

I was diagnosed with Lymphoma on May 24,2016. This day will be forever etched in my memory as it was such a shock to me and all that know me. My son put it into words with "Mom, how can YOU have cancer? You are the healthiest person I know! You don't even drink or smoke. How can this happen to you?" Just lucky I guess. I try to find the "ray of sunshine" in everything that happens and having cancer is no different. I found many caring people in St. Paul and area. I have only lived here 3 years, but found the outpouring of compassion and caring very moving. Thank you to my next door neighbours, Irene and Albert Theroux for their many acts of kindness including submitting my name to "Haying in the 30s". A huge thank you to "Haying in the 30s" for your generous cheque to help with all the expenses incurred with treatment for this illness. I am going for another CT/PET scan soon and am looking forward to a clean bill of health.

Thanks again to "Haying in the 30's" for being my "ray of sunshine".

Beryl McIntyre

Our family was home for almost a month after the evacuation of the Fort McMurray wildfire when another beast came into our lives, and our little beauty is showing us that – like the city she was born in – she’s strong and mighty.
Tessa’s lung collapsed on July 14, 2016. It was her collapsed lung that brought us to where we are today. During this first incident, an emergency procedure was performed at the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre, where they placed a chest tube in her to revive her lung. Once she was discharged, Tessa was sent to the Stollery Children’s Hospital to have a CT-scan. The scan showed a malformation on her lung – and at the time, she was diagnosed with Congenital Cystic Adenomatiod Malformation (CCAM). After she had lung surgery at the Stollery on July 24, the specialists discovered tumour-like cells from the pathology. On August 19, she was brought back to have a PET scan.
That day, she was diagnosed with Pleuropulmonary Blastoma (PPB) – a rare form of child lung cancer, which is only found in 50 children globally, per year.

We always knew our daughter was a special gift to us. Born on Boxing Day in 2014, Tessa has brought the last piece of the puzzle to our little family of five. With her two older brothers always close by her side, she loves to make us all laugh. Even today, Tessa not only continues to bring so much happiness into our lives, but she keeps showing us she’s one tough cookie! On behalf of Tessa, and our entire family, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Haying in the 30’s for thinking of us during this time. We are staying positive… It’s impossible to not to when our little girl keeps smiling during this fight.

Dawn Booth

Thank you to the Haying in the 30's folks. My daughter in law came from Mallaig and gave me your information. I am deeply moved that people I don't even know me would give me some help in my cancer journey. This money will help with a week of treatment for me. that may not sound like much, but it is! To know that people care.. is huge. Cancer needs people support, and a feeling of not being alone. Thank you... I shed tears, in thanks to people I haven't even met.

God's Blessings to you...

Diane Casurella

Just recently I was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma. Being young, this put a stop to near future plans I had such as attending university in September and also taking up a part-time job. It was beyond stressful going through something so life changing and terrifying added on top of bills and no income. I am beyond grateful to Haying in the 30's for their generous donation to not only me but other individuals fighting.

Thank you!

Madelyn Novakowski

In July of 2012 our world was rocked by the scary diagnosis of cancer. The most devastating news anyone can receive, especially someone that is young and is raising a young family of four children. Its hard to really think clearly when you are first diagnosed because it’s such an overwhelming place to be. Your mind starts wondering to the outcome of this sickness and the FINANCIAL well-being of your family. This is where we tip our hats to the amazingly generous organization HAYING IN THE 30’s, they generously give to families like ours every day and help people with a monetary donation, but more than that they show their love and support through their donations, we greatly appreciated the kindness from this organization and are so thankful to them for caring!

Love and blessings,

The Lessard Family

I want to thank Haying in the 30's for their help as I'm still fighting and will continue to fight. The assistance you provided helped me with medication and healthy food (natural).

Thank you very much,

Al Turcotte

In the summer of 2014 we attended the August long weekend event at Mallaig, Alberta and had a wonderful time with family and friends reminiscing about the “good old days” and enjoying the activities and food. We were so impressed by all of the hard work and wonderful volunteers that make such an event a success for such a worthy cause. Less than a year later, our family was shaken by a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer. The whirlwind of doctor appointments, tests, scans and treatment began and everyone chipped in to assist wherever possible. It is with great thanks and appreciation to Haying in the 30’s for their generous financial support. The care, compassion, support and generosity to families like ours battling this horrible disease is greatly appreciated and we are thankful to Haying in the 30's for caring.

Larry and Phyllis Boychuk

I want to thank Haying in the 30's for their financial support when I was going through Breast Cancer treatments. When you hear the word cancer, it seems as though the world stops but the expenses don't. I had to travel 5 hours each week to get radiation treatments and wanted to be home on weekends to see my children and family. I was able to do this and appreciate the assistance. I am proud to be cancer free and headed back to the classroom as a teacher. Your organization made a lasting impact on our family and we plan to continue the circle of gratitude by promoting Haying in the 30's in our school and community when doing cancer fundraisers.


Corry Stark

My parents have attended, enjoyed, and supported Haying in the 30's with friends and family over the past several years. This year I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) when I visited my doctor. I thought I was just tired but to get this news was heart-wrenching. I have two beautiful children at home and a wonderful husband. We were separated from our children for several months as I received a stem cell transplant at the Tom Baker Center in Calgary. My husband was by my side and Haying in the 30's provided us with some financial relief on this journey. The kindness and support from this society and small community in rural Alberta is phenomenal. Thank you to the founders, board members, and supporters!

The Leeson Family

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